Staying Active


When caring for your loved one, one of the most difficult things is to keep them active. When a person is homebound, this can seem to be an almost impossible task. However, even though it is something that can be easily pushed to the side because of the busyness of caring for your loved one, it is something that is extremely important to both the mental and physical health of your loved one. Both mental and physical activity are extremely important. There are many ways you can try to integrate activity into your daily schedule.

Maintain any active tasks you can. If your loved one is able to cook, garden, walk around, or do any other physical tasks, encourage them as much as possible. Even if these tasks are difficult, provide as much help as you can, and do not let your loved one give up on them easily. Maintaining any physical activity, as long as there is not a risk of getting hurt, is one of the simplest ways to keep your loved one active. Some of these tasks might also take some of the workload off of you and help your loved one to keep some of their independence.

Encourage puzzles, reading, and other mental tasks. Activities that exercise the brain should be a part of a daily routine. These will not usually require much additional help from the caregiver, and they are crucial to keeping a sharp mind and fighting dementia. Many of these activities are usually fun for the homebound person as well.

Find types of exercises your loved one can do. If walking around the house or lifting a five-pound weight while sitting is something that your loved one is capable of doing, this could make a huge difference in their health. A caregiver who makes a concerted effort to creatively find exercises that a homebound person can do will immensely improve the health of the homebound person.

As physical capabilities decrease, it can become easy to cease physical activities. However, keeping active is too important to let fall by the wayside.


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