What Family Can Do for Those Who Are Homebound


Not everyone has a strong family network, but those who do benefit greatly from it. If you have a loved one who cannot fully care for themselves, you can play an instrumental part in helping them. Whether you live near or far from them, there are things you can do to support them both physically and emotionally.

Help out the primary caregiver. If you are not the primary caregiver, you can support whoever is. You can either help them by taking up any tasks or responsibilities you can, contributing financially, or even just by encouraging them. When you assist the primary caregiver, this indirectly helps your homebound loved one. They will benefit from a less stressed caregiver and from knowing that they have other family members who care.

Send words of encouragement. Anyone can do this, but this might be something that those who cannot help with tasks or contribute financially can easily do. Your loved one is likely struggling with the changes in their life, and it is always a good thing for them to know that they are cared for when they are facing difficult situations. A kind card or phone call can make their day.

Do chores or tasks that do not normally get done. Ask your loved one what they would like or need done around the house that their primary caregiver does not have time for. They might like to be taken on a nice walk or need the ceiling fan cleaned, but whatever extra task that your loved one would like done, offer to do it occasionally.

Organize family get-togethers that your loved one can attend. If your family member is one who enjoys spending time with family, this can be a very positive event for them.

Encourage other family members to pitch in any way they can. Caring for a family member should be a family project. The more that family members help out, the easier the job is for each individual person and the more that your loved one will benefit from a strong family network.


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