Services Provided

Services Provided:

IHSS Program- In Home Support Services (Includes Relative Care)
Personal Care/Pediatric Personal Care (Includes Relative Care)
Homemaker Services
Veterans Assistance

Grant Program Assistance and Private Pay

What is non-medical home care?

Non-medical home care is a service that helps those in need by assisting with activities of daily living [ADLs] in order to continue living life from the comfort of his or her own home. Home Care is care that allows a person with special needs to stay in their home. It might be for people who are getting older, are chronically ill, recovering from surgery or disabled.

Home care services include:

1. Homemaking such as cleaning and laundry

2. Cooking and delivering meals

3. Nutritious meal preparation

4. Healthcare, such as having a home health aid to come into the home

5. Bed and wheelchair transfers

6. Medication reminders

7. Transportation

8. Travel companion services

9. Health care maintenance and management

10. Dementia care

11. Companion care

12. Respite care

13. Care to reduce hospital re-admissions

14. Recovery and rehabilitation services

15. Personal Care such as help with bathing, dressing and eating.

IHSS Program- Includes Relative Care!

IHSS enables consumers to have real choices in selecting, managing, and, if necessary, firing their attendants while still having the support of an agency, that can provide on-call, back-up services. The service is geared to individuals with severe disabilities who are on the Elderly Blind and/or Disabled (EBD) or Children’s Home and Community Based Services (C-HCBS) waivers. Attendants called Health Maintenance Attendants, (HMA’s) providing this necessary service do not have to be licensed as CNA’s, but receive training [initial and continuing] from an RN in the client’s home. See if you qualify here

Benefits and Services:

You will get your waiver’s benefits. If you qualify, you may be able to get assistance to help you remain in your home and community. This includes:

1. Help with health related needs such as catheter management, medication administration and equipment transfers, range of motion exercises, etc. 

2. Help with homemaker services such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, and laundry

3. Help with personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, or eating

How it works:

You get to pick the IHSS Agency attendant who helps you with these tasks. All attendants providing IHSS must be employed by an IHSS agency. IHSS agencies provide 24-hour, 7-day a week back-up service in case your attendant can’t make it to your home.

You can pick an IHSS Agency attendant such as a friend or family member, to provide IHSS but there are some exclusions.

Family members can only be paid for up to 40 hours per week of personal care activities such as bathing, dressing, or eating. Your IHSS agency has a health professional available to help with any medical concerns you have.

Personal Care:

When a loved one is not able to perform basic daily living activities without your assistance, Mile High Home Care wants you to understand that we know the challenge this presents to you and your family. We are a proud provider for personal care as well as pediatric personal care.

Personal Care services include:

1. Help with starting and ending daily routines

2. Personal Care

3. Dressing

4. Mobility 

5. Running Errands

6. Toileting

7. Light Housekeeping

8. Mouth Care

9. Meal Preparation 

10. Assistance with feeding 

11. Arranging appointments 

12. Medication Reminders  

Pediatric Personal Care- Includes Relative Care!

The Pediatric Personal Care Benefit helps Colorado Medicaid members 20 years old and younger with in-home, unskilled* support with daily living activities.=*unskilled services are provided by someone other than a nurse or CNA

Personal care services may take different forms, such as completing a task for someone, supervising someone to ensure a task is performed safely, showing someone how to complete a task, or reminding or cueing someone to complete a task. There are 17 personal care tasks included in this benefit. Members who qualify for the benefit and meet the medical necessity for these services, can receive support with any of these 17 tasks. These services are not intended for providing respite.

1. Bathing / Showering
2. Dressing
3. Feeding
4. Medication Reminders
5. Ambulation / Locomotion
6. Meal Preparation
7. Hygiene - Hair Care / Grooming
8. Hygiene - Mouth Care
9. Hygiene - Nail Care
10. Hygiene - Shaving
11. Hygiene - Skin Care
12. Toileting - Bowel Care
13. Toileting - Bowel Program
14. Toileting - Catheter Care
15. Toileting - Bladder Care
16. Mobility - Positioning
17. Mobility - Transfer

Information on Pediatric Personal Care can be found here

Child Extensive Support Waiver (HCBS-CES)

The Home and Community-Based Children’s Extensive Support (HCBS-CES) Waiver is a Medicaid program which serves children who are less than 18 years of age and who have significant medical and/or behavioral needs. In order to qualify for the service, the child must demonstrate a medical or behavioral condition that is so intense that almost constant line of sight supervision is required to keep the child and others safe; the child must also be at high risk of out-of-home placement. The child must live in the family home and be determined to meet the Federal Social Security Administration’s definition of disability.

The CES Waiver does not allow the parent or guardian of the minor enrolled in the program to provide services under the waiver. A family member who is not a parent/responsible party can be paid to provide services to the child; the family member may or may not reside with the child. The family member wishing to provide services under the waiver must be at least 18 years old and willing to meet the Agency’s requirements for hiring and be hired on as an employee of the Agency.

If a child requires skilled nursing care such as CNA and home health services and meets the eligibility for those services, the services may be provided by a parent under Colorado Medicaid not under the waiver.

Other Services Provided:

Homemaker Services

include assistance with general household activities needed to maintain a healthy and safe living environment, such as housekeeping, meal preparation and laundry.

Such tasks included but not limited to:

1. Performing light housekeeping (laundry and ironing, garbage removal, dusting and organizing]

2. Wash dishes

3. Check food freshness

4. Clean refrigerator

5. Water Plants

6. Light pet care

7. Meal Preparation

We also welcome Veterans with pensions, private insurance policies, workers compensation as well as private pay. Please call us for a free assessment and rates.


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