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A Conscious Diet for Your Loved One - Home Care in Denver, Colorado - Mile High Home Care


A Conscious Diet for Your Loved One


It seems that with every year that goes by, people are becoming more and more conscious of what they eat. When you get on social media, you are likely to see at least a post or two about the latest research in health foods or a new diet. While all of this can be overwhelming, and not everything that is discovered or every diet that you see ends up being exactly right, there are some important things to learn from a more health-centered culture. What we eat does matter. The same is true for the elderly and homebound. Their diets can have a huge effect on their health and how well they feel from day to day.

However, it can be harder for someone who is homebound to eat healthy. Frozen meals and quick dinners are often the easiest things to prepare when you are crunched for time, and often the meal is prepared for only one or two, which can make it difficult to get all the necessary food groups into a single meal without making too much food. But making sure that your loved one eats a good diet should be very important. Here are a few ways you can make that happen:

Portion fruits and vegetables into small bags for snacks. Because it can be hard to prepare all the necessary fruits and vegetables into meals when your schedule is tight, take a few minutes every few days to make ready-to-eat snacks and store them in the fridge. Remind your loved of the snacks and let any other caregivers know to encourage your loved one to snack on those.

Buy healthy frozen meals. Years ago, many frozen meals were not healthy, only convenient. This is something that has really changed recently. You can go into a frozen aisle and find tons of different choices of frozen meals, and many are healthy. You will probably even be able to find a few varieties that a picky eater would like as well. These will be good to have on hand when you don’t have time to cook up a meal.

Search online for easy healthy meals. Spending just a little bit of time online can save you a lot of time in the long run if you search for quick meals that are also nutritious. You might also find some new favorite recipes as well.

Discourage too much sugar or snacking. While you want to have some healthy snacks available, you should not encourage too much snacking. Eating out of boredom can be a tendency for people who have to do a lot of sitting, so instead encourage activities that keep the hands busy to try to offset this tendency. Too much sugar can also be a problem, so try to encourage healthy substitutes when possible. However, you probably will not want to cut out sugar entirely because your loved one likely be unappreciative of not having a say in what they can or cannot eat.

Make sure your loved one is eating enough. While you want to make sure that your loved one is eating healthy foods and not eating too much, not eating enough is also something to look out for as well. This can be a tendency in the elderly, and it has obvious consequences. Keep an eye on how much your loved one eats at meals, and make sure that they are getting the nutrition they need.

There is a lot to keep track of when you are caring for someone else, but their diet should be something that is at the top of your list. A good diet can make a world of difference in the health of your loved one.


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