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At Mile High Home Care, family is at the center of our business. We are established on family values and hold family bonds in high esteem. Emily Neuhold, the woman who started Mile High Home Care, has a big family of her own that means the world to her, so she understands the importance of caring for patients as if they’re family because to someone, they are family. For those clients who do not have close family members, we at Mile High Home Care also understand the importance of having people to count on.

We also highly value the families of our caregivers. Schedules are flexible for caregivers so that they can take care of their own family needs. Working for a company that values family relationships also causes the caregivers to value the family relationships of others, including their clients.

Family can be more than just the people who we are related to. Anyone who is always there for a person and wants to bring only good to that person is like family. We want to be an extension of your family while also encouraging your own family connections. If you are ever in need of help, just give us a call and someone will be there for you. Emily herself often goes and visits patients when they are in need of someone. It does not matter what time of day it is or whether it is the weekend, you can always count on Mile High Home Care to be there for you.

Our philosophy is that having strong relationships and people who are reliable and friendly helps the caregiving process. We support family caregivers and offer them help when they need it. Family caregivers are a crucial part of the caregiving process. They are highly valued and supported.

Not every client has a strong family network, but Mile High Home Care aims to care for each person in the same way we care for our own families.


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