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Being homebound can be scary for many people. You have to depend on your support network to provide the things for you that you need. While a strong support network is important to someone who is homebound, not all people have that. Those who do have support also sometimes need help from other areas to relieve the responsibilities of their caregivers or to fill in where their caregivers are not able to help. There are so many resources out there for the elderly, but sometimes it can be hard to find some of these services. Here is a list of some of what is offered in the Denver area:

Meals on Wheels. This service has been a blessing to many homebound seniors. They offer meal delivery at little to no cost. They also offer a safety check to make sure that the person they are delivering to is okay. To find a Meals on Wheels provider near you, follow this link:

Seniors’ Resource Center. This non-profit organization offers many services to the community including affordable transportation, free cleaning services, care managers, and adult day care. Because this is a non-profit, there are limits to their services, but they can still be extremely helpful. This is a link to a list of their services:

Senior Discounts. Brush up on which places or services offer senior discounts. You can often find handymen or plumbers who will offer senior discounts. This website has many coupons and a list of other senior discounts: This website offers a referral service for handymen who offer discounts:

Medical Equipment Lending. There are many services that offer lending of medical equipment such as shower chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, and other such equipment. Some of these services are free while others require a small fee. However, any of these lending programs can save hundreds of dollars. The Assistance League of Denver offers one of these services:

There are lots of programs to assist the elderly, and these are something you should take advantage of if you need them. Being aware of what is offered can make your life and your loved one’s life much easier. For more information about services for the aging, visit


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