The Challenges of Caring for Loved Ones


It is not an uncommon scenario to have an aging family member to take care of. Many people struggle with how to balance helping these family members and taking care of themselves and their own family as well. Caring for a family member can be very rewarding in many ways. You are showing that person love and appreciation, you are giving back to them after all they have done for you, and you are able to be there for them during a difficult phase in life. However, many problems also arise. These are some of the most common difficulties of having a family member who needs to be taken care of:

1) Time – Our lives are already busy enough, but making the time to care for a family member can make this even more difficult. Often, other parts of life get put to the side in order to make time to help a loved one. Trying to make time for everything, especially children, spouses, and jobs, can feel nearly impossible. It is very important to also make sure you, as a caregiver, make time to take care of yourself as well.

2) Finances – Trying to keep up with one person’s finances is difficult enough, but trying to take care of someone else’s adds a whole other layer of difficulty. Medical bills and lack of sufficient income for the person being taken care of can often be a huge problem as well. Medicare can help alleviate some of the burden, but the paperwork that comes with it can also be a strain on the situation.

3) Worry – Whenever you are not able to be at home with your loved one, you always worry if they are doing alright. Even when you are around, if their medical condition is not good, there is a huge worry about how they are holding up. Worry for them never seems to go away, even when you try to relax.

4) Strained Relationships – When you spend too much time with anyone, situations can become tense. However, this seems to often be even more of a problem when you are in a caregiver position. Your relative can become irritable because they can no longer do certain things for themselves or because they are in pain. Not getting along makes an already tough situation even harder.

5) Living Situations – When it comes to caring for a loved one, sometimes the easiest thing is to live together so you can better take care of them. This can be difficult, though. If you have a family, it makes the most sense for your relative to move in with you, but it is hard for them to leave a place that has been home for a long time. Usually, neither party really wants to leave their own home. While this problem is not always the case, for those that it does occur to, it leaves a very difficult choice.

6) Distance – If you do not live near a loved one who needs care, it is hard to choose whether or not you need to move closer. If you do choose to, you have to root up your current life. If you choose not to, there is usually guilt because you feel like you need to be there. You also have to figure out how to help out the best way you can from a distance, which can be a challenge.

7) Ability – Most people are not adequately trained to care for someone with medical issues. Nurses can teach you how to do certain things to help with every day care, but, at least at the beginning, you will feel like you are not qualified to be caring for your loved one. This takes some getting used to in order to be able to confidently care for your relative.

8) Lack of Support – In many families with aging relatives, the care and support of the relative falls on the shoulders of one person. This person can often feel overwhelmed by all the responsibility and can feel like they do not have a good support system. Support is important to be able to balance the care of a loved one with all the other facets of life. The lack of it can make a person feel like they are only barely getting by.

If you are experiencing any of these, you are not alone. Caregiving for an aging person is not easy, but in the end, you will be glad you were able to provide much needed care for your loved one.


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