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While running their own business is a dream for many, it often is not as ideal as most people think. Running a business takes long hours, dedication, perseverance, and so much more. Mile High Home Care started out as an idea several years ago. About this time last year, in 2016, it became a plan. Hours upon hours were spent filling out forms, preparing the offices, and trying to find the right staff. There were ups and downs, high points and low points. However, the plan was stuck to, and early this year, it became a reality. It was not an easy task, but the philosophy of providing good client care was enough to keep us going and to cause those who valued that philosophy to make it happen.

The idea of providing excellent care to our clients is great, but there is so much more than that to our business. Forming relationships with people, seeing smiles on faces when a day is brightened, or even just seeing a frown fade a little are all things that keep us going. Our caregivers and office staff care about the impact that we make on our clients’ lives. Each individual’s day that is improved is a win for us.

Not only do we want to make life easier for our clients, but we also like to give our clients options. Not every homecare agency in the area is dedicated to making client care a great experience. We set out to make sure that the people in our local area, in the Denver area, have an option for a company that puts client care above all else. You have the ability to choose who you want to entrust your care to. We hope you choose us.

We also want to provide reliability and stability in our clients’ lives. You should be able to trust that you will be taken care of, and that is what we aim to do. Smiles are wonderful, but we shoot for bigger goals than that. We run this agency so that you can trust that you will always have someone there for you when you need it. Our clients are always our highest priority.

This is why we do what we do. We hope that you can see it in the way we run our business and the way that our caregivers act. You and your loved ones should feel as though you have been cared for at the highest level.


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