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Fall Activities to Bring Seasonal Cheer - Home Care in Denver, Colorado - Mile High Home Care


Fall Activities to Bring Seasonal Cheer


Fall is upon us. For many people, it means that it is time for pumpkin spiced lattes and enjoying the cooling weather. There are many ways that elderly people will be able to enjoy the changing season as well. Here are some of the top ways to bring some of the fall fun to them:

Decorate the house for fall. A warm cozy house decorated with fall colors and decorations can bring autumnal cheer to anyone. A nice fall scent can also make the home feel welcoming and relaxing. This is something that is very helpful for people who are especially fond of fall. The festive surroundings might also help to fight off seasonal blues.

Make apple cider. Making this tasty fall treat can bring back fond memories of the season. It has been a fun way to welcome the changing of the seasons for years, and most people will enjoy the warm drink and the festive smell that will fill the house along with it.

Curl up with a good book in front of a fire. There are few better things to do on a chilly day than to sit by a fire and read a favorite book. Pick an old one that has not been read in a while or one that has been on the reading list. Either way, it is sure to be a great way to spend an afternoon.

Carve a pumpkin. There is never an age limit on pumpkin carving. Pick out a good pumpkin, and whether the carver is skilled or a novice, it will be a good way to celebrate the season. Roasting the seeds is a possible bonus activity that is sure to please.

Knit for colder weather. Whether learning to knit or picking up the old needles, this is a great, easy activity to not only pass the cool days, but it is also a way to prepare for the cold weather that will soon follow. A new blanket, scarf, or sweater will be a welcome addition during the late fall and winter months.

Prepare for trick or treaters. For those who enjoy children, getting ready to receive trick or treaters on Halloween is always fun. Decorate the front porch or the yard, and get some candy together. On Halloween, hand out the candy and enjoy making kids smile.

Do a fall themed puzzle. If fall foliage is a favorite, a fall themed puzzle is a way to enjoy the season. Set aside an afternoon or a day or two, and put together the beautiful yellow, orange, and red themed picture.

Go for a drive to enjoy the changing colors. This is a great activity that involves getting out of the house. Bring along a thermos of apple cider or another favorite warm drink, and take a drive through the neighborhood or up to the mountains to see the gorgeous scenery.

Any of these should brighten your loved one’s day and break the monotony that is so easy to get into. The upcoming seasons and holidays are an ideal time to bring some change into the daily schedule.


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