What Caregivers Do


Having a stranger coming into your home can be intimidating for some. Questions like “What will it be like?”, “What will they do?”, and “What do I do?” might be at the top of your mind. If you are unsure of what having a caregiver in your home will be like, it is completely understandable. It is a new situation for many and can be outside of your comfort zone. Here is a rundown of what you might expect to help you prepare for having a caregiver.

A caregiver visits a home for three main reasons: to keep the client safe and healthy, to help with tasks that need to be done, and to make life easier on the client and the family. Caregivers are there to help and to be a positive influence in any home they go into. They are not meant to be a burden or nuisance.

Caregivers are also there to be companions as well. When they visit a client, they will check up on how the client is doing and how their day is going. They will then attend to any needs there are. Cooking and cleaning are some typical needs. For people who need help remembering when to take their medication, a caregiver will do that as well. If you need something to be picked up from the store, that is another task that a caregiver might do. Be prepared to enjoy some home cooked meals, a nice, clean house, and an empty to-do list after your caregiver comes to visit.

When everything that needs to be done has been attended to, a caregiver will also visit with a client. They are not there to just get in and get out (unless a client prefers that). They are in a client’s home on a regular basis, so they will get to know that person and form a relationship with them. You will not feel lonely when a caregiver is around.

If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation with a caregiver, it is always best to talk with them and with the management so that you can work out a routine that works for you. Your comfort and safety is always the highest priority.

The point of having a caregiver is to make staying comfortable at home an option for people who are unable to take care of everything that needs to be done themselves. Caregivers help to make the home a happy and relaxing place.

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